Who we are

TurinTech is a research and innovation-driven Artificial Intelligence startup that spun out from University College London. The founding team consists of many PhD-level (or above) researchers, experienced software engineers in their respective fields, data scientists and university professors.
We are motivated by solving the very hard problem of getting machines to understand business problems for better decisions.

Turintech combines knowledge from different fields such as automatic code optimisation, evolutionary algorithms, artificial intelligence, machine learning and efficient system development. By combining those cutting-edge technologies, we aim to solve automation and optimisation problems.

Our market advantage on the Artificial intelligence systems is the experience and the incorporation of recognised academic research with cost-effective and highly productive human capital.

University College London

We are looking for talented individuals in the area of computer science, machine learning and artificial intelligence that love coding, research and are willing to make an impact by tackling difficult commercial problems.

Current Openings

  • Graduate Software Engineer
  • Graduate Data Scientist
  • Student Internships

Where are we located?

We’re a fast growing team based in the heart of London.
A three-minute walk from Moorgate, we’re located in a very nice office with an amazing view.

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