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Build models at scale with minimum effort.
The next generation of model and code optimisation.

    Evolutionary AI Optimisation Platform

    Capturing value from your data requires optimal models and faster deployment. Achieve optimal models and accelerate implementation with TurinTech’s award-winning :trophy: optimisation approach.

    25% faster data-to-value

    Speed up your end-to-end data science project from months to weeks.

    50% increased efficiency

    Quicker inference speed, lower memory and energy consumption.

    100% explainability

    Transparent process with visual explanation and model code.

    How evoML drives more value

    evoML is the only platform embedded with Code Optimisation, generating scalable AI with high accuracy and efficiency.

    ☹️ Other AI Platforms

    • Black-box
    • Complex UI
    • Rigid
    • No code optimisation
    • Single-objective optimisation
    • No Model Code Download

    😊 evoML

    • Glass-box
    • Simplistic UI
    • Flexible
    • Code optimisation
    • Multi-objective optimisation
    • Model Code Download


    What do companies
    say about us?

    “A first and essential step in doing this (deploy optimal ML in production) is to optimise ML models and integrate them using scalable production code into the rest of the IT stack. Companies like TurinTech are early pioneers offering this capability.”
    Ed Stacey

    Managing partner at IQ Capital, Forbes Contributor

    “This partnership signals an exciting opportunity to combine the forces of TurinTech and Exasol to help more enterprises scale AI and unlock its full potential.”
    Stuart Power

    Partner Manager, UK & I at Exasol

    “TurinTech’s state of the art technology is now using AI to improve the way software itself is actually crafted. This represents one of the first steps in the exponential impact that AI can have. In the context of cloud it will materially improve efficiency costs and running speeds”
    Jason Kingdon

    Chairman & Chief Executive Officer of Blue Prism