Better Diagnosis and Treatments, Higher Efficiency

AI in Healthcare

The healthcare sector is one of the most exciting sectors that AI is having an impact on today. As life expectancy increases, healthcare systems are struggling with the growing demand for their services, rising costs and workforce shortage. AI provides substantial improvements in all areas of healthcare from diagnostics to treatment. At TurinTech, we help healthcare professionals build accurate and explainable AI at scale, making better life-critical decisions with confidence and trust.


Top AI use cases in Healthcare

AI empowers a variety of areas from administrative workflow to clinical documentation and patient outreach as well as specialised support such as image analysis, medical device automation, and patient monitoring.

Diagnosis & Treatment
  • Predict and prevent hospital readmissions, reducing risk and providing better care
  • More accurate image reading to diagnose higher volumes of patients at speed
  • Early disease detection, enabling intervention and increase survival rates

  • Predict patient admissions for more proactive and better resource allocation
  • Detect fraudulent health insurance claims to reduce healthcare expenses with low false alerts
  • Automatic classification of medical notes for improvement of label availability and accuracy

  • Automatic risk alert for early detection of vital problems in remote health monitoring
  • Automated clinical guidance and response to patients’ symptoms and questions
  • Personalised treatments for different patients with the same diagnosis to improve effectiveness

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“A first and essential step in doing this (deploy optimal ML in production) is to optimise ML models and integrate them using scalable production code into the rest of the IT stack. Companies like TurinTech are early pioneers offering this capability.”
Ed Stacey

Managing partner at IQ Capital, Forbes Contributor

“This partnership signals an exciting opportunity to combine the forces of TurinTech and Exasol to help more enterprises scale AI and unlock its full potential.”
Stuart Power

Partner Manager, UK & I at Exasol

“TurinTech’s state of the art technology is now using AI to improve the way software itself is actually crafted. This represents one of the first steps in the exponential impact that AI can have. In the context of cloud it will materially improve efficiency costs and running speeds”
Jason Kingdon

Chairman & Chief Executive Officer of Blue Prism