evoML enables organisations to reap the benefits of AI.

Organisations can use evoML without being held back by financial, time, and resource constraints.

Increasingly more and more organisations are incorporating AI-based solutions into their work processes. On the one hand, AI can help organisations better understand client data, investigate market conditions, and take optimal business decisions to maximise profits. On the other hand, AI technologies allow companies to improve operational activities and internal processes, boosting productivity and efficiency. Organisations across a multitude of industries can easily use evoML to incorporate AI into their businesses.


Automate Processes, Boost Productivity

Enterprise tech companies have been massively investing in emerging technologies to help their business customers automate their processes to improve efficiency and speed up productivity. Facing rapidly changing environments, there is a further need for more intelligent solutions that can self learn and adapt in real time. At TurinTech, we help tech companies enable AI capabilities at scale by allowing them to easily embed intelligent models within their products. These AI-enabled products can help generate new revenue stream and open up new markets.

Software Systems
  • Classify system logs automatically to understand the real-time status
  • Anomaly detection on system behaviour to prevent business-critical incidents in real-time
  • Detect and prevent Denial of Service (DoS) attacks for better security and stability

Data Management
  • Automatic metadata classification at faster rate, with better accuracy
  • Identify anomalies in the data and recommend corrections for better data quality
  • Detect and mask sensitive data, ensuring data privacy and security

Database Solutions
  • Auto-transform tabular data to be AI-ready faster, with minimum effort
  • Detect relationships with bottom-line value between entities in graph databases
  • Auto-detect semantic type to improve data preparation with less time and effort


Optimise Operations, Improve Customer Experience

The retail experience changed dramatically as more people switched to online shopping. According to McKinsey Global Institute, investments by retail and CPG in artificial intelligence are expected to exceed $8 billion by 2024. AI can contribute to this sector by improving the customer’s experience with better personalisation, automation and increased efficiency. TurinTech enables retailers and consumer goods companies to build accurate and efficient AI at scale, accelerating product innovation, ensuring smooth operations and high profit margins.

Customer Experience
  • Personalised product recommendation based on historical purchases
  • Automatic sentiment classification of product reviews to identify dissatisfied customers
  • Efficient categorisation of customer issues for prioritisation of customer support resources

Marketing & Sales
  • Predict prospects that are more likely to be converted into recurring clients
  • Determine the best price of each item to increase demand and maximise profits
  • Predict customer churn and recommend effective customer retention initiatives

Operation Optimisation
  • More accurate demand forecasting to ensure high product availability with minimal stock risk
  • Allocate scarce inventory to the right stores to maximise revenue
  • Predict workloads and optimise work shift planning for reduced personnel costs


Better Diagnosis and Treatments, Higher Efficiency

The healthcare sector is one of the most exciting sectors that AI is having an impact on today. As life expectancy increases, healthcare systems are struggling with the growing demand for their services, rising costs and workforce shortage. AI provides substantial improvements in all areas of healthcare from diagnostics to treatment. At TurinTech, we help healthcare professionals build accurate and explainable AI at scale, making better life-critical decisions with confidence and trust.

Diagnosis & Treatment
  • Predict and prevent hospital readmissions, reducing risk and providing better care
  • More accurate image reading to diagnose higher volumes of patients at speed
  • Early disease detection, enabling intervention and increase survival rates

  • Predict patient admissions for more proactive and better resource allocation
  • Detect fraudulent health insurance claims to reduce healthcare expenses with low false alerts
  • Automatic classification of medical notes for improvement of label availability and accuracy

  • Automatic risk alert for early detection of vital problems in remote health monitoring
  • Automated clinical guidance and response to patients’ symptoms and questions
  • Personalised treatments for different patients with the same diagnosis to improve effectiveness

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