Why you need Automated AI Optimisation

TurinTech uses AI to create and optimise AI automatically, empowering enterprise to transform business with smart and efficient AI solutions.

AI model performance drifts over time as the data and business objectives change. Continuous optimisation ensures high performing models and it maximises business impact. ​

In addition, training and running AI models at scale are both economically and environmentally expensive. MIT research found that training and running a single model costs up to $3 million and emits more than 626,000 pounds of CO2. Enterprises need to optimise AI and software efficiency to minimise consumption of energy, memory and CPU, improving customer experience and business performance.​

Powered by TurinTech’s proprietary research, AI and software performance optimisation become available to everyone without deep domain expertise. By automating end-to-end AI optimisation, TurinTech empowers enterprises to win with AI more effectively and efficiently.​

TurinTech is Built for Enterprise

Seamless and Rapid Deployment

With TurinTech, model deployment is one click away. Code-free and flexible deployment options are provided to support customer’s different IT infrastructure requirements both on-premise and on-cloud. With our proprietary techniques, models created by TurinTech can seamlessly be integrated into your existing enterprise applications.

Rapid Scaling Across The Enterprise

As a generic platform, TurinTech can be applied to a wide range of use cases across your organisation, from fraud detection to customer service, while embedding AI-driven decision making into business process at scale. In addition, our product can scale to different machines and dockers easily.

Smooth Collaboration Between Users

Getting the most out of AI requires a significant team effort. TurinTech’s friendly and intuitive interface enables people with different levels of tech knowledge to collaborate with each other, from business users, data scientists, software engineers to other stakeholders.

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