Drive greater business value with smart and efficient AI.


Data Ingestion & Exploration

Easily ingest data from various sources and different systems. Simply drag-and-drop data through a code-free interface, or use automated data injection from your existing data applications (such as SQL databases, object storages, HDFS, etc). EvoML supports various data types: NumericalData; TimeSeries; Categorical Data; Text and more.


Feature Engineering

Get better features for better model results, faster. EvoML automatically transforms, selects and generates the most suitable features for a given dataset. Inspired by Darwin’s theory of biological evolution, EvoML applies Genetic Algorithms to evolve optimal features through multiple generations. Additionally, EvoML stores previously built features so you can easily reuse and save time.


Model Selection

Create optimal models in minutes based on your custom criteria. Through the evolution of thousands of cutting-edge machine learning models, EvoML automatically selects the optimal model for a specific business problem. You can also bring your custom models.


Model Tuning

Tackle difficult trade-offs in model tuning in clicks. Powered by our proprietary research in Evolutionary Optimisation, EvoML enables multi-objective optimisation, such as accuracy, execution time, explainability, and other user-defined objectives.


Optimal Model & Code

EvoML creates production-ready models that can be automatically deployed to the most popular MLOps solutions (such as MLFlow, Seldon AI, etc), either as a self-running REST service, or as a local library (model code is provided). It also provides customised high-quality code for the deployment criteria that better fits your business needs.


Code Optimisation

Speed up model execution in production with efficient code. EvoML embeds code optimisation and automatically identifies inefficiencies in model code. It then gives suggestions on how to optimise the code with minimal changes to achieve the ideal speed in a given architecture.

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We use robust technologies

EvoML is built on TurinTech’s award-winning research with over 10 years of expertise. Our advanced technologies combined with popular open-source libraries, augment your capability to address complex modelling problems.