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AI in Technology

Enterprise tech companies have been massively investing in emerging technologies to help their business customers automate their processes to improve efficiency and speed up productivity. Facing rapidly changing environments, there is a further need for more intelligent solutions that can self learn and adapt in real time. At TurinTech, we help tech companies enable AI capabilities at scale by allowing them to easily embed intelligent models within their products. These AI-enabled products can help generate new revenue stream and open up new markets.


Top AI use cases in Technology

Enterprise tech companies are embedding machine learning in their products and services to advance business analytics with novel data, store and manage data more efficiently, and improve software systems.

Software Systems
  • Classify system logs automatically to understand the real-time status
  • Anomaly detection on system behaviour to prevent business-critical incidents in real-time
  • Detect and prevent Denial of Service (DoS) attacks for better security and stability

Data Management
  • Automatic metadata classification at faster rate, with better accuracy
  • Identify anomalies in the data and recommend corrections for better data quality
  • Detect and mask sensitive data, ensuring data privacy and security

Database Solutions
  • Auto-transform tabular data to be AI-ready faster, with minimum effort
  • Detect relationships with bottom-line value between entities in graph databases
  • Auto-detect semantic type to improve data preparation with less time and effort

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What do companies
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“A first and essential step in doing this (deploy optimal ML in production) is to optimise ML models and integrate them using scalable production code into the rest of the IT stack. Companies like TurinTech are early pioneers offering this capability.”
Ed Stacey

Managing partner at IQ Capital, Forbes Contributor

“This partnership signals an exciting opportunity to combine the forces of TurinTech and Exasol to help more enterprises scale AI and unlock its full potential.”
Stuart Power

Partner Manager, UK & I at Exasol

“TurinTech’s state of the art technology is now using AI to improve the way software itself is actually crafted. This represents one of the first steps in the exponential impact that AI can have. In the context of cloud it will materially improve efficiency costs and running speeds”
Jason Kingdon

Chairman & Chief Executive Officer of Blue Prism