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AI in Trading and Investing

Hedge funds, asset management firms and banks are applying advanced machine learning to petabytes of historical and current data to identify and capture investment opportunities. Barclayhedge’s Hedge Fund Sentiment survey found over 54% of respondents using AI/ML to inform investment decisions, with over a quarter using it for trade execution. Fund managers also face challenges to keep up with fast market changes and explain new AI-based approaches to investors. TurinTech helps financial institutions build high performing models at speed. With TurinTech, funds can turn data into revenue quicker, make swift and confident decisions in a complex financial environment.


Top AI use cases in Trading and Investing

Traders and fund managers currently use machine learning for tasks such as analysing data to identify patterns, making stock trades, evaluating trading strategies and calculating payouts.

Predictive Trading
  • Accelerate algorithmic trading to profit from timely trade deals
  • Generate predictive signals to lower risk of crowding and alpha decay
  • Analyse market sentiment to derive real-time insights and get ahead of upcoming market fluctuations

Portfolio Construction & Optimisation
  • Create themed portfolios for long-term investment growth
  • Develop model regimes to identify market conditions for lower risk asset allocation
  • Optimise portfolio weights to maximise returns for a given level of volatility

Trading Model Performance Optimisation
  • Automate hyperparameter tuning on models at speed
  • Multi-objective optimisation to solve difficult trade-offs (e.g. accuracy-inference time)
  • Optimise model code for faster prediction speed without compromising on accuracy

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“A first and essential step in doing this (deploy optimal ML in production) is to optimise ML models and integrate them using scalable production code into the rest of the IT stack. Companies like TurinTech are early pioneers offering this capability.”
Ed Stacey

Managing partner at IQ Capital, Forbes Contributor

“This partnership signals an exciting opportunity to combine the forces of TurinTech and Exasol to help more enterprises scale AI and unlock its full potential.”
Stuart Power

Partner Manager, UK & I at Exasol

“TurinTech’s state of the art technology is now using AI to improve the way software itself is actually crafted. This represents one of the first steps in the exponential impact that AI can have. In the context of cloud it will materially improve efficiency costs and running speeds”
Jason Kingdon

Chairman & Chief Executive Officer of Blue Prism