Customers expect highly personalised content based on their preferences and needs. As a traditional way, marketers and media professionals create and deliver segment-based content based on historical data. Unfortunately, this approach is based on broad segmentation or manual preference selection, which leads to low click through and conversion rates. For example, a media website page with generic information fails to increase content consumption, a marketing email with generic messages and offering has low conversion rate.

How can TurinTech help? ​

With TurinTech, you can create accurate models to understand customers’ interests and predict their preference based on their real-time behaviors, such as current browsing contents, prior clicks and purchases. In addition, AI can be used to dynamically select 1:1 personalised content (e.g., news, emails, articles) that match a given customer at the right time. These personalised content recommendations significantly increase the chances of a customer consuming more content than generic recommendations, which are based on outdated insights or broad segments.


  • Personalised content at scale: provide a one-to-one personalised content for every customer quickly and at scale.​
  • Increase content consumption and conversion: faster with more relevant content recommendations.​
  • Boost customer experience: personalised customers’ journey to improve experience.

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