What is Turing Intelligence?

TurinTech is a research-driven Artificial Intelligence company that spun out from University College London (UCL), specialising in applying cutting edge research in AI & ML to provide machine learning models and optimisation services, that can benefit both individuals and various industries. We combine code-free algorithm building and automatic ML model generation with state of the art optimisation services in one unified platform.

Our platform is built on the knowledge, expertise and research of some of the most talented individuals in the field of Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Search-Based Software Engineering, and Quantitative Finance, to help you generate value for your business.

Autonomous, Adaptive & Intelligent Optimisation

Our AI Optimiser platform is ideally suited for autonomous optimisation for generic software, such as financial trading strategies, embedded software, mobile applications, desktop software and machine learning models. It includes a comprehensive set of AI optimisation tools and technologies to address multiple optimisation objectives across various

Artificial Intelligence

Inspired by the latest impressive research findings in the areas of Artificial Intelligence, our state-of-the-art technology uses metaheuristic optimisation, deep learning, reinforcement learning, evolutionary computation and other optimisation techniques to intelligently learn, adapt and provide solutions across a wide range of difficult problem domains.


We like working with new technologies and quickly adapt and take advantage of the benefits they provide.
Our AI optimiser platform is powered by our continuous research. With our constant devotion to research and actively publishing research findings on top academic conferences, we make sure that our technologies are always validated and our platform always uses the most advanced technology.

Auto Machine Learning

Given an input dataset, we can easily generate accurate machine learning models using our platform that can solve urgent business needs quickly. We provide both the code and the models such that they can be easily embedded in existing business processes. Additionally, we can optimise existing client Machine Learning models by automatically transforming their code.

Software Performance Optimisation

We provide an easy way to automatically improve the performance of applications written in languages such as Java, Csharp or C++. We achieve that using computational search techniques and awarded research approarches by the academic and research comm

Trading Strategies Optimisation

We view algorithmic strategies as source code that can be optimised. To achieve that, we provide a platform that allows users to design algo-trading strategies. We provide free backtesting with historical data and free paper trading, as well as automatic stategy optimisation.