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Solving Multi-Objective Business Problems

Business problems are multi-objective problems. Almost every business decision is to maximise gains (e.g. profit margin, customer retention) under the constraint of time, budget, space, and legal and ethical boundaries. Accurate AI is not enough for delivering real world business value. AI needs to be efficient, explainable, ethical and beyond.

TurinTech’s multi-objective optimisation enables business to build and optimise their models on-demand based on specific criteria. Businesses can tackle difficult trade-offs between accuracy, explainability, efficiency, etc., rolling out AI to various clouds and devices at scale.







What Scaling AI Really Means

Build for One Environment

Start by building a model that solves a particular business use case on your existing infrastructure (on-premise or cloud).

Expand to Multiple Environments

Even for the same business use case, AI models may need to run on various environments, across different regions.

Scale to Different Devices

Models can also be deployed to various devices with different resource constraints which require a unique version of the model.

Build AI At Speed

Scaling AI requires building and deploying hundreds of thousands models in a year. This scale won’t be possible without automation.

Run AI At Speed

Even one millisecond can be monumental. Efficient AI that runs fast can not only boost profits, but also reduces costs and risks.

Adapt AI At Speed

The world of Enterprise AI is evolving fast. Only agile companies that can adapt to the pace of the revolution can stay advanced.

Energy-efficient Models

The growing cost in energy and carbon emissions is untenable. In a resource constrained world, scaling AI requires energy-efficient models.

Low Computing Cost

AI is compute-intensive. Training a large model can cost millions of dollars in electricity consumption. Lower computing cost is important to scale AI.

Low Carbon Emission

Training a single model can emit as much carbon as 5 cars in their lifetimes. Reducing environmental cost of AI is critical to a sustainable future.

Efficient AI That Runs Anywhere

Most AutoML platforms can only optimise AI at the first two levels (Model Selection & Model Tuning), which are not enough for creating optimal models with multiple objectives.

EvoML is the only platform embedded with Code Optimisation, generating scalable AI with high accuracy and efficiency.


Unleash Full Business Potential from Scalable AI

By automating the entire lifecycle of creating, optimising and deploying AI, TurinTech helps businesses to scale AI efficiently with multiple objectives, unlocking the full potential of AI.

Data Insights

Transform your raw data into ML-ready data and gain valuable hidden business insights instantly, through advanced data transformation and visualisation

Smart & Efficient Models

Generate highly accurate and efficient models that can operate at high speed, low latency and consume less resources. Trust your models with understandable explanations.

Scalable AI Services

Deploy, monitor and interact with your models on one platform. Integrate models into your existing systems seamlessly, with APIs, and optimise them on demand.

EvoML: Evolutionary Optimisation Platform

EvoML enables businesses to automatically build, optimise with multiple objectives and deploy models within days. EvoML is the only platform that embeds code optimisation for optimal performance.

These smart and efficient AI models can run faster anywhere, either in the cloud and/or on various devices, without compromising accuracy or other business metrics. Thus, businesses can easily scale AI to maximise business value.

Find Out How

Enable Tech and Business Users to Collaborate

Data Scientists
Build complex models faster with more flexibility and transparency

• Boost productivity by automating the steps you need and by simultaneously training models
• Augment your capability with expanding open source libraries
• Enable further customisation by generating optimised code and the whole data science pipeline

Business Analysts
Supercharge business insights through an end-to-end, code-free AI process

• Build expert-level predictive analytics straight away, without coding or machine learning skills
• Deliver business insights that you can easily understand and communicate
• Optimise key business metrics that are related to AI applications

Software Engineers
Build production-ready AI and scale across applications with high efficiency

• Embed advanced AI into software applications rapidly and easily
• Create AI-powered high quality software at low cost
• Optimise the performance (e.g. execution time, energy consumption) of the generated code, automatically

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