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Build AI models at scale with minimum effort.
The next generation of model and code optimisation.

Evolutionary AI Optimisation Platform

Capturing value from your data requires optimal models and faster deployment. Achieve optimal models and accelerate implementation with TurinTech’s award-winning :trophy: optimisation approach.

25x faster data-to-value

Speed up your end-to-end data science project from months to weeks.

50% increased efficiency

Quicker inference speed, lower memory and energy consumption.

100% explainability

Transparent process with visual explanation and model code.

From Data to Efficient Model

Step 1.

Explore & Understand

Easily ingest and analyse your data and generate the best features for it.

Step 2.

Build & Optimise

Build the best performing models and minimise latency with efficient code.

Step 3.

Consume & Scale

Automatically deploy your model and continuously optimise it in production.

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Why evoML?

An end-to-end optimisation platform for scaling AI, evoML is built upon years of research, combining the experience and expertise of the best data scientists, mathematicians and software engineers in the field.

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Code Repos

Build, run and adapt AI at speed. Stay agile with faster time-to-value and peak performance.


Create cutting-edge models to tackle difficult business challenges. Access advanced open source libraries.


Transparent and explainable process to make informed decisions and gain stakeholders trust.


Scale your model to multiple environments and different devices, with minimum engineering efforts.

How evoML drives more value

evoML is the only platform embedded with Code Optimisation, generating scalable AI with high accuracy and efficiency.

☹️ Other AI Platforms

  • Black-box
  • Complex UI
  • Rigid
  • No code optimisation
  • Single-objective optimisation
  • No Model Code Download

😊 evoML

  • Glass-box
  • Simplistic UI
  • Flexible
  • Code optimisation
  • Multi-objective optimisation
  • Model Code Download

Enable Tech and Business Users to Collaborate


Data Scientists

Build optimal models that you can easily explain, in a flexible way.
  • Play around with various advanced models in one place.
  • Customise the data science process for your unique project needs.
  • Explain the whole process and model results to non-coders easily, with in depth reports.

Business Analysts

Supercharge business insights with an end-to-end, code-free process
  • Build advanced predictive analytics in clicks, without coding skills.
  • Deliver deeper business insights that you can easily communicate.
  • Optimise key business metrics on your own with AI.

Software Engineers

Scale production-ready AI across applications with high efficiency.
  • Embed advanced AI into software applications rapidly and easily.
  • Optimise code performance quickly for different environments.
  • Maintain AI application performance with minimum downtime.