What is Turing Intelligence Technology?

TurInTech is an artificial intelligence, algorithmic trading exchange for Financial Intuitions needing to increase the profitability of trading and scale repeatable results. TurInTech combines code-free algorithm building and Machine Learning based backtesting with state-of-the-art optimisation services in one unified trading platform.

TurInTech automates the process of delivering repeatable profits to reduce the cost and investment of trading. Proprietary optimisation technology and computational intelligence make algorithms faster and more profitable. Machine learning and sentiment analysis are used to deliver trading signal functions that deliver high returns.

Financial Mathematics

Quantitative Research is based on proven technical and fundamental analysis that can be deployed either as an algorithmic strategy or a signal function. It adapts to any financial event, high frequency or mid/low frequency data and produces returns or forecasts in realtime. This is also now extended into analytics and the technology industry.

Artificial Intelligence

Inspired by latest impressive research findings in the areas of Artificial Intelligence, our state-of-the-art technology uses metaheuristic optimisation, deep learning, reinforcement learning, evolutionary computation and other optimisation techniques to intelligently learn, adapt and provide solutions across a range of difficult problem domains.


We like working with new technologies and quickly adapt and take advantage of the benefits they provide. We are one of the first companies to do research on Blockchain and leverage it to solve financial problems. We have participated in a lot of Blockchain projects inside Big Financial Institutions as well as in the development of popular open source Blockchain projects.

To give online retail investors:
  • The ability to better automate and control their trades, and so potentially make more money.
  • More professional guidance on trading & model designing.
  • Automatic assistance in generating trading algorithms and workflows.
  • Mobile apps to control these algorithms during the day.
  • Ability to get feedback and share algorithms with the community.


Once you've designed your algorithm, you can easily test it. We provide free backtesting with historical data and free paper trading (also called walk-forward testing).


We provide access to many datasets, including equity pricing, corporate fundamental data, and futures. Members may also access a fast-growing catalog of premium datasets.


Before you design your trading algorithm, you will need to do get used with our platform. We provide tutorials and examples as well as assisting tools while you code.